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365 in 5 – Microsoft 365 Security with Adam Hall

Note: This is part of a series of podcasts called 365 in 5. Learn more and check out the rest here.

At Microsoft Ignite, I had a chance to sit down with Adam Hall, Director of Security Product Marketing for Microsoft 365 to chat about Microsoft Threat Protection, Security & Compliance center, and Microsoft Information Protection! If you’d just like to listen, jump to the bottom and hit play.

We first chatted about Microsoft Threat Protection, which while not a new product necessarily, is a unified look at Threat Protection across all of your Microsoft services. The goal of Microsoft Threat Protection, as put by Adam, is to provide customers “a portal with a set of actionable insights to let you know this is what’s going on across your endpoints, users, data, threat services, and infrastructure.” With this information, even a small organization can see actionable insights about the security of their environment, both online and on premises.

We also had an entertaining conversation about the upcoming splitting of the Security & Compliance admin center into two discreet admin centers. I heard a lot of griping from fellow admins about “yet another admin center,” but Adam put it well when he explained that this is actually a step towards the goal of collapsing the admin centers. I like to think of it as cleaning your closet; If you’re anything like me, you first throw everything on the floor or the bed, but then you start reorganizing. It has to get a little messier before it gets clean :).

Finally, we talked about the evolution from Azure Information Protection (AIP) to Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). Adam explained well how we’re bringing sensitivity labels and retention labels together into MIP. We’ve been hearing about this goal for a while now from Microsoft, but the announcements at Ignite have shown us that this story is starting to come together.

Take a listen below, and let me know what you think in the comments!

If you don’t follow Adam yet on Twitter, make sure to do so to keep up with the latest in Security within Microsoft 365!

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